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    Dance Company

    Meet the Rockettes – America's favorite dance company.

    As members of the Rockettes, the iconic world-class precision dance company, we live for dance. For us, everything we do is for our passion for dance—rehearsing six hours and performing four 90-minute shows per day. Our love of fitness and fashion even plays a part of being Rockettes—staying strong and looking great take center stage. We love sharing our performances with our audiences and our passions for fitness, health, beauty and fashion with our friends and fans. That's why we're so excited about our website! It's filled with dance fitness techniques, beauty tips and fashion musts that we rely on to keep our energy up and to stay looking our best all day long – even after four shows! Check it out and let us know you think – we're always thrilled to hear from friends and fans!

    A dance company where fitness and health meet beauty and fashion.

    Being part of the Rockettes dance company is just as much about beauty and fashion as it is about fitness and dance. That's why we're happy to share all of our tips for staying strong and looking fabulous night and day. Need some ideas for that little black dress? We've got some fresh suggestion for ways to accessorize it. Want to know how to perfect that smoky eye look? Detailed instructions are included. Plus the latest on the dance outfits we're wearing to auditions, and our take on trends in dance fashion. It's a great place to dish on lots of topics dear to the hearts of all the women in our dance company.

    The Rockettes are America's most iconic precision dance company Rockettes Summer Intensive dance company rehearsals include RSI director Julie Branam

    Join our dance company for a day or a week!

    Want to learn to dance like the Rockettes? The Rockettes Experience dance classes are a great place to start – there's no better way to get to know our dance company than working side by side with us in the studio. In these one-of-a-kind dance education experiences at Radio City Music Hall, beginning and intermediate dancers age 10 and up can spend two-hours working on tap and jazz combinations, our world famous kick line, and actual Rockettes choreography in a workshop taught by a member of our legendary dance company. And for advanced dancers, there's the Rockette Summer Intensive – a one-week course training alongside us in our precision dance technique!

    The recipes our dance company loves.

    A great meal is one of the highlights of our day, but it's also an essential part of preparing for the hours of rehearsals and workouts that our dance company puts in every day. That's why we're always on the lookout for recipes for delicious bites that are packed with nutrition. In the Fitness & Health section of our website you'll find lots of ideas for the food our dance company loves: quick breakfast bites like Mango-Agave Granola with Greek Yogurt, healthy carbs like Chickpeas over Brown Rice with Skin-On Apple, and great ideas for the healthy snacks our dance company can't live (or dance) without.

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