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    Dance Education

    What's more fun than dance education with the Rockettes?

    Looking for dance education with a whole lot of excitement? Then we're definitely looking for you! As Rockettes, we love nothing more than sharing our passion for dance with our fans. That's why we offer dance education classes for beginner or intermediate dancers, like the Rockettes Experience—where dancers age 10 and up with some previous dance experience can take a two-hour class in our rehearsal studios at Radio City Music Hall. You'll get dancing instruction from one of the Rockettes, learn original Rockettes jazz and tap dance choreography (and the kick line of course!) plus choreography from our brand new show, Heart and Lights! You'll even have the opportunity to showcase what you learned in a mock audition. Plus, there's a Q&A session with us and a Stage Door Tour of Radio City Music Hall. It's a one-of-a-kind dance education opportunity!

    Summer dance education classes for future dancers – and future Rockettes!

    Dreaming of being a professional dancer – maybe even a Rockette? The Rockettes Summer Intensive is a dance education opportunity that offers advanced dancers the chance to train with us! This week-long summer dance intensive has already produced more than 50 Rockettes! You'll rehearse with us, getting dance instructions from a Rockettes director/choreographer as you train using our world-famous precision dance technique. This dance education week finishes with a student showcase in a New York City theater where dancers perform for their friends and family. It's a great education and a terrific way to get a taste of the professional dance world. Plus you get to hang out with us for week!

    As a part of their dance education, dancers observe and learn from the Rockettes and other students This Rockettes dance education class reminds students to always smile during performances

    For dancers who want even more rigorous instruction, our special Invitational Week lets students train at the highest levels of Rockettes technique. This special dance training program is by invitation-only, and all dancers must attend a live audition to be considered.

    Get more info on dance education – and Rockette fitness and fashion – on our website!

    You'll find more info about all the opportunities for Rockettes dance education on our website. And while you're there, check out the tips we post for staying fit, looking great and having fun. In our Fitness & Health section we share our favorite fitness routines and the recipes we love for heavenly (but healthy) snacks. The Beauty & Fashion section is full of ideas for looking fabulous all day long, whether you're at the office or the gym, on stage or on the sidewalk. You'll even find the inspirational dance quotes that keep us focused and motivated, as well as the play lists for the gym that keep us pumped and going strong. It's a great place to find ideas to inspire you – as well as information about dance education.

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