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    Dance Exercise

    Dance exercise tips – from the Rockettes!

    Looking for great dance exercise ideas? We can help. As Rockettes, it's no secret that we live and breathe dance exercises. From our six-hour rehearsals to days with up to five (yes five!) performances, our intense schedule means we have to stay in tiptop shape. Luckily, we developed lots of great dance exercise techniques for efficient workouts, even on days when we don't have time for the gym. On the Fitness & Health section of our website you'll find all the dance exercise wisdom we've collected – our dance fitness workout routines and warm-ups, our secrets for keeping arms and tummies toned, even our preferred playlists to keep us energized during workouts. Plus lots of healthy recipes for meals and snacks to keep us feeling great throughout the day. It's a diverse collection of ideas and inspiration – from your favorite dancers.

    Our favorite dance exercise routines.

    Want to work out like Rockettes? Our dancing exercises start with stretches and full-body warm-ups like the Power Up lunge, or the Kickstart exercise we use to get ready for our famous kick line. On our website we're also sharing the strength training workouts we use to build strength and stamina (17 shows a week can take a lot out of us!), and the dancing fitness techniques we use to get arms and legs ready for warm weather – or the red carpet. No time for workouts at the gym? Check out our tips for working out at home or the office – even while you're checking email! You'll get our take on pre-performance routines you can use to get ready for your own big moments. And we've even shared our playlists for the songs that keep us pumped up during dance and exercise workouts.

    Several Rockettes work on their core strength during their dance exercise Completing a dance exercise routine has put a smile on this Rockettes face

    Dance exercise classes make fitness fun.

    The one thing you should know about Rockettes – we love to have fun! That's why dance exercise classes are our absolute favs. From Zumba to African dance and Bollywood cardio to belly dancing, dance exercise classes are where we can let it all hang out, have a blast, and get a full body workout at the same time. Check out our recommendations for dancing exercise classes on the website.

    Fuel your dance exercise routine with healthy snacks.

    If you want to tone your body through dance exercise, you need to fuel your body with great nutrition. And while we're serious about healthy foods, were also fanatics for flavor. That's why we post our favorite recipes for healthy but tasty meals and snacks. Check out our recipes for Chickpeas Over Brown Rice with Skin-on Apple, Tropical Fruit Smoothies and Greek Yogurt Cheesecake with Pomegranate Syrup. Okay, now we're really hungry!

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