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    Dance Fashion

    Passionate about dance fashion? So are the Rockettes!

    As Rockettes, dance fashion is our life! From the stage to the sidewalk, we're always looking for new ways to look great and indulge in our passion for fashion – because we know from experience that it's a lot easier to be confident and feel great when you know you look fabulous!

    Of course, looking our best is part of our job, no matter how many hours we've been rehearsing. So we've picked up a lot of beauty and dance fashion ideas – simple tips and easy techniques for looking great onstage and off. As a dance company, we're big fans of dance fashion, and we're thrilled to share what we've learned with you – in the Beauty and Fashion section of our website!

    When not in their <a href= Rockettes dance fashion extends off the stage and outside the dance studio

    The latest in dance fashion trends.

    Take a look at the pages of our Beauty and Fashion section to get the dish on dance fashion – everything from trends in dance outfits and workout wear to the latest in dance-inspired looks for the club or gala. See what dancers are wearing to make a great impression at the Rockettes Auditions, or get some creative ideas for accessorizing your favorite little black dress. Having trouble squeezing your workouts into the work day? We've got dance fashion tips that will save you time and let you move effortlessly from office outfits to workout wear – not to mention techniques for glamming it up for an after-work event. Check out the footwear fashion that's got us all abuzz, and the quick-change techniques we use to go from final bows to a glamorous Opening Night Party in just minutes!

    Rockettes dance fashion yesterday and today.

    You'll find lots of info on Rockettes fashion, too – like a look back at Rockettes dance fashion over the years, a peek at the costume designs and fashions for our latest shows, and dance fashion tips on how to create your own version of the iconic Rockettes look that will help you steal the spotlight no matter where you are.

    Dance fashion + fitness + nutrition = beautiful you.

    Dance fashion is fun, but it's hard to look fabulous if you don't feel fabulous. That's why we've got lots of inspirational dance fitness tips and dance exercise ideas to keep you motivated and eating healthy. Check out the Fitness & Health section of our site for tips on how to keep your dance workouts fresh, tips on eating well for optimal dance fitness, recipes for snacks and smoothies to keep you fueled while keeping your nutrition balanced, and much more.

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