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    Dance Fitness

    For dance fitness tips, Rockettes rock!

    Are you a dance fitness fan? So are we! As athletes, we rely on dance fitness regimen to help us stay strong for rehearsals and performances throughout the year. And when you dance and exercise as much as we do, we definitely find ways to make it fun – and make it count. Check out the Fitness and Health pages on our website – we're posting lots of the personal fitness tips and tricks that help us stay motivated and in top shape for our intense dance routines. You'll find everything from high-paced workouts to tips for spicing up your dance fitness regimen to what to wear to the gym. Whether you're seriously dedicated to dance fitness or just looking for ways to make exercising more fun, you'll find something to inspire you – we promise!

    Dance fitness routines you'll love.

    We love the way a good dance fitness workout leaves us feeling strong and healthy. But that doesn't mean we like to do the same routine every day. In fact, part of the fun of fitness is finding new routines to help us stay sharp and motivated. On our website, we're sharing lots of ideas for keeping your workouts fresh. Like the Rockettes Slide – a great way to warm up your entire body for a great workout. Check out our favorite workouts for dancers to help keep your arms toned and your core strong and lean. You can also see what kind of strength training it takes to keep our stamina up for a 90 minute show. We'll show you all of our tricks for staying loose and limber, with stretches for before, during and after our dance fitness workouts.

    A treadmill workout is an integral part of the Rockettes dance fitness Rockettes dance fitness is led by Head Athletic Trainer, Elaine Winslow-Redmond

    Exercise in disguise: the latest dance fitness classes.

    When does your cardio routine not feel like a cardio routine? When it's a Zumba class! This Latin-inspired dance fitness craze is one of our favorite ways to stay in tip-top shape all year round. But Zumba's just one of many dance-inspired workouts we love. We're big fans of salsa classes for strengthening our hips and glutes. African dance cardio classes really give our quads, hamstrings and core a workout. And belly dancing and Bollywood dance fitness classes work out so many muscles at once. The best part about dancing fitness classes is that you won't even realize how hard you're working – you'll be having too much fun!

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