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    Dance Workout

    Need a new dance workout? Ask the Rockettes.

    As members of one of America's hardest-working dance companies, we love a great dance workout. After all, whether you're rehearsing a dance routine for 6 hours or performing four shows a day, you rely on your dance workout to give you the strength, muscle tone and stamina to keep going. What's the most effective dance workout? We've got lots of ideas on that one. We mix it up with a range of cardio-filled routines from kickboxing to yoga to ballet-inspired dance workout regimens. Check out our tips and suggestions on our dance website – it's where we get to share our thoughts on Fitness & Health and Beauty & Dance Fashion, and where we get to hear from you as well!

    Warm ups for a great dance workout.

    One secret for an excellent dance workout? Warm ups. One of our favorites is the "Rockettes Slide" – a great way to stay loose and warm for a workout or for rehearsals for our precision dances. And don't forget the "Rockettes Lunge" that we rely on to power up our bodies before rehearsal. Check out the detailed instructional videos on our website. While you're there, you'll also find our tips on getting arms and legs toned for the red carpet or the beach, as well as fitness tips for exercises you can do anywhere – even the office or the kitchen! Bet you didn't know you could get a great dance workout in while wearing an apron!

    Three Rockettes work with small step stools during their dance workout A vigorous dance workout  is needed for those dancers who are determined to achieve greatness

    Our favorite dance workout? Kickboxing!

    Think kickboxing and dance have nothing in common? Think again! As professional athletes, we're always looking for an efficient dance workout we can use year-round in the dance studio or the gym. Kickboxing burns about 500 calories each hour and works your arms, abs, shoulders, thighs and butt all at once! It's a great cardio workout – and a healthy way to let off a little steam! And if you prefer a dance workout that actually has a little more dance, there's always Ballerobica – a mix of kickboxing and ballet. Find out more on our website!

    Recipes to fuel your dance workout.

    It takes a lot of energy to get through a strenuous dance workout. That's why we're so big on nutrition. On our website you'll find lots of recipes for healthy meals and snacks to help power your dance workout – and satisfy your craving for flavor! How does Italian Spinach Salad with Tuna and Skin-On Peach sound? Or Rustic Lemon-onion Chicken? Greek Yogurt Cheesecake with Pomegranate Syrup? It all sounds good to us!

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