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    Dancing Exercise

    Dancing exercise tips – from the Rockettes!

    Looking for dancing exercise inspiration? We know a thing or two about that. After all, as Rockettes, dance and exercise are a big part of our day, to say the least. To buff up for our intense performance season (six shows a day, anyone?), we're always looking out for dancing exercise routines that'll keep us strong, fit and entertained – ‘cause as much as we love dancing exercise, we love to have fun, too. That's why we've collected so many great dancing exercise tips and techniques that'll not only get our hearts pumping, but put a smile on our faces as well. And now you can make our dancing exercises your own by visiting the Fitness & Health section of our website. It's where we're posting our favorite fitness tips, motivational techniques and even the dancing exercise playlists that keep us pumped up while we're working out. It's a must for dancing exercise inspiration.

    Our favorite dancing exercise routines.

    You'll find it all on our website: the warm-ups we use to get ready for our famous kick line; the yoga classes we prefer for year round fitness and flexibility; and the dance fitness workout tricks we've learned for toning thighs and calves – and we know a thing or two about great-looking legs, if we do say so ourselves! Can't squeeze a daily workout into your busy schedule? Check out our dancing fitness suggestions for working your core on a stability ball in your bedroom, or strengthening calves with pliés while you check your e-mail. Get a video tutorial on the Rockettes slide, a favorite exercise we use to warm up for rehearsals and performances. And pick up some tips for mentally prepping for that big performance – whether it's dancing on a stage or speaking to a roomful of colleagues.

    A strenth dancing exercise, like squats and lunges, helps keep the Rockettes in top dance fitness shape Some Rockettes use balance balls to complete a dancing exercise designed to improve dancing fitness

    Dancing exercise classes make fitness fun.

    Want a little more fun in your fitness routine? With dance fitness classes like Zumba, you'll burn calories by the boatload, work virtually every muscle group – and have a blast at the same time. That's why this Latin-flavored dancing exercise class is one of our absolute favorite workouts for dancers and one of the ways we stay in tip-top shape during the off-season. But Zumba is just one of many dancing exercise classes you can try. Check out our recommendations on the website for Bollywood cardio, African dance cardio, belly dancing and Ballerobica – a cross between kickboxing and ballet, and one-hour of absolute fun.

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